Отдел социально-экономической географии

Research fields

The Social and Economic Geography department has conducted research in the following fields:

1. Theoretical Geography, Geography and History of Science
V.A.Shuper, A.I.Treyvish, P.M.Polyan

2. Space of Russia and its transformation
A.I.Treyvish, S.S.Artobolevsky, G.A.Privalovskaya, T.G.Nefedova, V.N.Streletsky.

3. Population dynamics and settlement patterns of Russia
P.M.Polyan, O.B.Glezer, D.N.Luhmanov, T.L.Borodina, T.G.Nefedova.

4. Urbanization and the system of cities in Russia
G.M.Lappo, P.M.Polyan. A.I.Treyvish, V.A.Shuper, T.G.Nefedova, S.A.Tarkhov.

5. Geography of Industry
A.P.Gorkin, A.I.Treyvish.

6. Economic and social transformation of rural areas and agriculture

7. The geography of transport and transport networks

8. Historical geography
V.N.Streletsky, A.I.Treyvish, D.N.Luhmanov

9. Administrative-territorial division and municipalities of Russia
S.A.Tarkhov, A.I.Treyvish, O.B.Glezer, S.S.Artobolevsky, T.L.Borodina.

10. Ethno-cultural geography
V.N.Streletsky, A.Bubnova, T.G.Nefedova.

11. Resource management and its social and environmental impacts
G.A.Privalovskaya, I.N.Volkova, T.Litvinenko, I.Kuzminov

12. Geography of Tourism
S.A.Tarkhov, T. Litvinenko

13. The study of individual regions
T.G.Nefedova, A.I.Treyvish, I.N.Volkova, O.B.Glezer, T. Litvinenko, S.A.Tarkhov, D.N.Luhmanov, I.Kuzminov

14. Russian border
S.S.Artobolevsky, O.B.Glezer, I.N.Volkova, T.L.Borodina, T.Litvinenko

15. Studying foreign countries
A.I.Treyvish, A.P.Gorkin, S.A.Tarkhov, V.N.Streletsky, M.V.Sviridova.

16. Regional and spatial planning in Europe and Russia
S.S.Artobolevsky, A.I.Treyvish.

17. Participation in the development of atlases
T.G.Nefedova, A.I.Treyvish, D.N.Luhmanov, S.A.Tarkhov, T.L.Borodina