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Administrative-territorial division and municipalities of Russia

Administrative-territorial division and municipalities of Russia

Changes in the administrative-territorial division

Issues considered: network units of administrative-territorial division of the Russian Empire, the USSR and Russian Federation since 1708, waves of downsizing and consolidation of administrative and territorial units of Russia during the last 300 years (waves of consolidation under Peter I, Paul I, in 1923-29 years, in 1956-57 years; waves of breaking up under Catherine II, Alexander I, in 1917-22 years, 1934-54 years).
The administrative-territorial division system as a whole is characterized by stability and robustness, rather than volatility. Most of the upper layer units are fairly stable, although unstable ones have appeared and disappeared at all stages of division evolution. Any drastic violation of the stability of this system leads, ultimately, to the period of collapse, ending with the achievement of a new stable equilibrium close to the original faulted.

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Municipalities in modern Russia

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